National testing center

Information on the results of the National Qualification Testing in 2020 (September - December)


The national qualification testing (hereinafter referred to as NCT) was conducted in the republic from September 14 to December 21, 2020 in electronic format using software developed by the National Testing Center, on the basis of 18 regional testing centers of the Limited Liability Partnership "U-FUTURE".


NCT was conducted for:

- teachers of general secondary education;

- teachers of additional education;

- teachers of preschool organizations of education and training;

- methodologists of methodical offices (centers);

- heads of educational organizations.


Since October 2020, testing has also begun for teachers of technical and professional, post-secondary education (in general education subjects; in special subjects; masters of the production department).


103951 teachers applied to participate in the NCT.


97879 (94.17 %) teachers participated in the testing, including 71026 (72.57%) in Kazakh, 25814 (26.37%) in Russian, 830 (0.85%) in Uzbek, 68 (0.07%) in Tajik, and 141 (0.14 %) in Uyghur.


According to the results of the NCT, the threshold level was overcome by 40027 (40.9 %) teachers.