National testing center
I am glad to welcome you to the anti-corruption section of the official website of the National Testing Center (NTC).

The fact that you have visited this page already shows that you are not indifferent to this negative phenomenon in our country. And it pleases.

As the director of the National Testing Center, first of all, I focus on the safety of test data and preventing the leakage of any secret information on them.

As you understand, any assessment of knowledge, in this case testing, and its successful passing determines the further development of the individual in one direction or another: whether it is admission to a university, receiving a grant for training, assigning a qualification category, determining the level of knowledge of languages, and so on. That is why this field of activity, in addition to its scale, is subject to corruption risks, the level of which is very high.

In this regard, the National Testing Center is working to counteract and eliminate corruption. It should be noted that according to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 30, 2015 No. 1131, the country is working on financial incentives for citizens who reported corruption, with the establishment of fixed amounts (from 30 to 100 MCI), depending on the severity of the offense. All this is done in order to activate citizens in helping to identify corruption crimes.

I want to appeal to schoolchildren, students, teachers, parents and just concerned citizens with a request to take prompt measures and report on our feedback channels about any, even the slightest facts of corruption. You can also contact me personally:

• phone and whatsapp number +7 702 676 6555

• facebook

• instagram

• telegram +7 702 676 6555

• email address

or to a specially created email address

For our part, we guarantee complete confidentiality and anonymity.

The Internet space has become a powerful tool in the formation of an anti-corruption culture. Therefore, we will be happy to receive any information about corruption. I hope for joint fruitful and effective work to eliminate corruption in the field of education and in the country as a whole.

Sincerely, Didar Smagulov.


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