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Seminar "Capacity development in implementing the unified assessment system of student achievement"

Описание: Описание: D:\Рабочий стол\нач.кл\апроб ВОУД нач.кл\Фото январь-февраль 2016\IMG_3448.JPGOn January 26-February 3 2016 the seminar was conducted on capacity development in implementing the unified assessment system of student achievement in terms of the joint economic research program "The analysis of the education system: improving the quality of education" between MoES RK and World bank 

The moderator of the seminar was the International Consultant on Education Quality Assessment Steven Becker.   

Описание: Описание: D:\Рабочий стол\нач.кл\апроб ВОУД нач.кл\Фото январь-февраль 2016\IMG_3445.JPGThe following issues were discussed at the seminar:
• Preparation of the national large-scale assessment for Grades 4. The objectives and types of tests.
• Development of student performance standards
• Glossary for the development of student performance standards.
• «Development of test items" short course. Valid assessment
• Test items in the context
• Revision of the test tasks
            The seminar was attended by of primary school teachers of the regions and AEO "NIS" (the cities of Kokshetau and Taldykorgan), AEO "NIS" CPM representatives  and the representatives of National Testing Center.
             The participants at the first stage of the seminar were introduced to the methodology of designing a system of indicators and samples of student performance in relation to the national results of the study; with recommendations for the development of tests and requirements for the quality of test items.   

Описание: Описание: D:\Рабочий стол\Фото Стивен 2\IMG-20160411-WA0001.jpgA  group work on the item development for the levels of achievement was well organized.

The developed test items aimed to assess functional literacy in the subjects "Mathematics" and "Knowledge of the world" have been piloted by workshop participants in schools regions of Kazakhstan (Astana, Almaty, Taldykorgan, Aktau, Ust Kamenogork, Petropavlovsk). 711 students participated in piloting. Among them 543 students with Kazakh medium of instruction and 168 students with Russian medium of instruction.  Based on the piloting results to assess the quality of the used items, the  statistical processing was conducted. Statistical analysis showed that all the items are suitable and can be used to assess the abilities and skills of a wide range of pupils of grades 4.
The second meeting with the international consultant Stephen Becker to assess the quality of education took place on March 31 to April 6, 2016. 

The following issues were discussed in the meeting:
• A description of the behavior during the solution of issues;
• Development of test items on the subject of " Reading Literary";
• Discussion of test items developed by the participants during the workshop;
• Analysis of the test items on the testing results;
• Statistical analysis of test items and assignments.

 The international consultant had analyzed the work of the participants and gave a positive assessment. In the future, the participants are planned to participate in the development and review the tests to assess the knowledge quality of primary school students.