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2019 білім беру гранттарының нәтижелері

What is the Appeal Commission at the time of the UNT for?

During the UNT from 1 to 15 June 2016 in order to resolve disputes on the content of the test tasks, protecting the rights of participants two Committees are assigned: the Republican Appeal Commission (hereinafter - RAC) and the Local Appeal  Commission, which is assigned at each testing point of the UNT ( further UNTTP).

The Chairman and the composition of the Republican Appeal Commission is assigned by the Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

RAC includes highly qualified teachers in the subjects of general education schools and leading university professors.

Local Appeal Committee accepts and reviews the applications of the test takers on the content of the test items and for technical reasons.

Appeals regarding the content of the test items are accepted for three reasons: there is no right answer, several correct answers, incorrect test item. The statement of appeal is submitted to the Chairman of the Appeal Commission in person by the test takers the next day after the announcement of the test results till 2 p.m. and all test items submitted are reviewed by the Appeal Commission within one day.

During the Appeal, students must confirm their disagreement providing the correct answer from the textbooks approved by the MoES RK. In this context,  other books are prohibited to be used.

In case the local Appeal Commission negatively assess  the applicant's statement, then the test taker is  immediately informed about the decision.

In case of agreement with the test taker, Appeal Commission is sent a proposal to add points to the graduate.

RAC considering the validity of the proposals to add points to the graduate, makes the final decision.

Local Appeal Commision is informed about the RAC decision.