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On 21 - 24 June 2016 in the resort Aikol village Bosteri, Kyrgyz Republic, 4-day workshop (32 hours) at the international level between Kyrgyztest-TORFL -KAZTEST was held organized by the Kyrgyz National Testing Centre. Palitskaya Elena, an expert of USE and TORFL, Lecturer at the Institute of Russian Language and Culture at the Lomonosov Moscow State University was invited as the author of the workshop.

In the world practice the language skills of the language user are applied, which should be formed at the end of a training course in accordance with requirements determining the level of proficiency. The skills of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, the ability to speak and write, respectively, are as follows:

– Listening

– Reading,

– Writing,

– Speaking.

The content of the workshop aimed at the search for an answer to the question, what should be the setting for an objective assessment of the degree of formation of these skills in the user's language.

The requirements for Russian language proficiency in Russian Federation for foreign citizens arriving for training in higher education institutions, applying for residence permit in Russia and obtain Russian citizenship were taken into consideration. Hence, particular tasks were presented for the following levels:

1. Beginner (A1)

2. Elementary (A2)

3. І Certified (B1)

4. ІІ Certified (B2)

5. ІІІ Certified (C1)

6. IV Certified (C2)

In turn, the Head of Kyrgyztest and its experts demonstrated the main purpose, tasks structure, designed to master the Kyrgyz language, and presented to the discussion of similar assignments Kyrgyztest and TORFL.

In addition to the similarity of systems Kyrgyztest-TORFL-KAZTEST, there are also differences. The requirements of the systems to form types of speech activity is not particularly different, however, the the types of the tasks, assessment criteria have many differences.

It is known that each system has its own goals and interests, due to the difference in the language problems. TORFL system determines the level of proficiency in Russian only for foreign citizens, while in Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic, the situation is different. KAZTEST and Kyrgyztest in addition to assessing the level of proficiency of foreign citizens, determine the level of proficiency of the state language of the citizens of their country.

The aims of KAZTEST and Kyrgyztest are similar, thus, they are closely linked. These countries are very close to each other with their literature, culture, and way of life. Therefore, we hope that KAZTEST and Kyrgyztest system will continue to work together, supporting and complementing each other, interacting in improving both systems

At the end of the seminar the participants were awarded certificates of Lomonosov Moscow State University named after, also for the cultural program was organized excursion to the pearl of the Kyrgyz Republic - Issyk-Kul.

A cultural event was held on acquaintance with the works and a museum of outstanding citizen of Kirghizia Chingiz Aitmatov, who was named Aitmatov of the humanity.