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Pursuant to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan №614 from 18 October 2016 "On implementing Evaluation of educational achievements in higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2016-2017 academic year" EVEA is held on 8-13 November 2016 hosted by 46 higher education institutions".

On 29-30 September 2016, National Testing Center held the II International scientific and practical conference "Pedagogical measurement: best practice and development prospects". As a part of the conference, the workshop on test item development for Reading literacy assessment was organized. 

Employees of joint-stock company subordinate institutions "Government for citizens" pass the test to determine the level of competence in the Kazakh language. 
The first testing QTT is to be held from 15 to 18 November 2016, followed by the re-testing from 19 to 21 December 2016.

Employees of the National ICT Holding «ZERDE» (hereinafter - Holding) and JSC "KAZSATNET" Holding were tested to determine the level of knowledge of the Kazakh language.

On 29-30 September, National Testing Center organizes II International scientific and practical conference "Pedagogical measurements: best practice and development prospects" in Astana.

On August 11-15 2016, the entrance exam in foreign languages for admission to master's and PhD programs is held, which will test 37267 applicants.

On August 14, in the fourth cohort 5859 candidates participated in entrance examinations in foreign languages.

The complex testing is organized for graduates of general secondary schools (secondary general) of previous years, graduates of technical and vocational education institutions, trained for international exchange students line abroad, graduates of secondary schools with not Kazakh and Russian languages of training, graduates of republican musical - boarding, as well as persons who have graduated from educational institutions abroad.

On 21 - 24 June 2016 in the resort Aikol village Bosteri, Kyrgyz Republic, 4-day workshop (32 hours) at the international level between Kyrgyztest-TORFL - KAZTEST was held organized by the Kyrgyz National Testing Centre. Palitskaya Elena, an expert of USE and TORFL, Lecturer at the Institute of Russian Language and Culture at the Lomonosov Moscow State University was invited as the author of the workshop.

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